PAT’s work is personal, poetic, off the beaten track. Ceramics is a natural part of the Mediterranean culture. The work of the earth is alive, carnal, it reflects the light of the South. Ceramics are an extension of the artist’s imagination. PAT artist of Polish origin, transcribed in his creations, his different sources of inspiration. Working in Nice, she arranges her last creations in the garden of her house in Nice. Initially her ceramics are inspired by the work of CARRIES. She reinterprets them with humour sometimes and always with poetry. There are animals: cats, fish, rabbits…but also characters, especially strong and original heads.

She makes a woman’s head included in a plant, probably a cabbage.

Moreover, the originality does not stop there because this head looks at you and stick out your tongue. Its presence is such that it inevitably attracts the gaze of the one who looks at it. She develops this theme by shaping a couple in a bust, a woman with a generous chest and a man wearing a jacket and tie. Both are sticking out their tongues. Her fabrication is in two parts, the head rests on the bust. Depending on the angle from which it is placed on the bust, its expression changes.

The ceramics of PAT are above all, the expression of his imagination where the roundness of the forms give them a joviality which does not attenuate the power of expression.

Choosing as a theme: tongue pullers, is at the same time to thumb your nose at conventions but also to assert oneself as an artist who does not take himself seriously. Collectors of tongue-tongue pullers can be found mainly in Europe: France, Belgium and Italy. However, they can also be found in North America. This transgression of “good manners” is more a sign of independence of spirit than a revolt. Humour is not far away, even if the technical mastery makes it a work of great decorative quality. The ceramics opting for a transgressive theme are sculptures that appeal to the amateur or simply to those who want to give a more personal touch to their interior or collection. The originality of PAT’s creations can seduce beyond generations. The owners of these works are very diverse but they tell us: basically nothing is serious or definitive because let’s look at the world with hindsight. A ceramic sculpture that pulls out our tongue, challenges us by telling us: who are you to judge the artist’s work?

Humour makes us reflect on our capacity to remain humble, thus avoiding peremptory judgements. Themed ceramics can be the start of a collection.

On the same theme, different artists will give their technique and their imagination in forms that are each time unique and conform to their own universe. The symbolism of the tongue-shooter is twofold: firstly, it concerns the person who speaks too much, who may also slander those around him, and secondly, a sarcastic reaction to authority. Irony and revolt can concern an adult with a long life experience, as well as a young adult who wants to stand out with a strong sense of humour from an authority he does not recognise.

Whatever theme a collector or amateur chooses, it is the starting point for personal research. It can become a goal which by its sometimes obsessive side, allows to discover a world he did not suspect. This interest is a step towards the increase of knowledge obtained in a playful way. It is also the joy of discovery and keeping from childhood the joy of treasure hunting. Let’s enthusiastically choose a collection theme and set off to discover the artists of our time but also those who have gone before us.

Pierre Carron for P&P Art Leaders