P&P Art Leaders by Pierre Carron

is looking for objects, paintings, sculptures. Our priority is first of all to satisfy you, the selection that P&P Art Leaders offers you is the result of our research. To this end, we participate in events in France and Europe.

These are fairs and exhibitions. The lounges, in arranged spaces such as halls or air-conditioned marquees, have a requirement for quality and presentation of the products on display.

Also, we want to talk to you today about a very important event at the moment, since it brings together a thousand merchants from all over Europe in three halls: the Mercanteinfiera Parma, which takes place twice a year in Italy.

-On the one hand, there are two sessions, one in spring in March, the other in autumn, late September and early October. This year 2019, the autumn session will take place in October from 5 to 13 October.

-On the other hand, its central location in northern Italy makes it particularly attractive because it is served by a network of trains and an airport that is essential for buyers who do not want to use their car.

-Known as “Mercantinfiera Parma” It is currently the most important event in Europe for professionals and its international customers.

As a result, it attracts merchants from different European countries but also buyers from all over the world, with a large number of merchants from the USA and China…

Pierre Carron will set up his P&P Art Leaders stand to offer you a wide range of products.

Indeed, by confronting the specific tastes of each country, we can be attracted by subjects and achievements that we do not necessarily find in France. The contact with a diversified customers from the four corners of the globe enriches our thinking and encourages us to offer you paintings, sculptures and art objects whose originality or workmanship is characteristic of other countries, near or far.

Pierre Carron will walk for you through the aisles of the various halls to find the paintings, furniture and collectibles that will seduce you.

-In particular, paintings representing portraits, landscapes or still lifes, each with the artist’s touch, immersed in a culture or period that is not familiar to us.

In addition, this mixing of cultures can give you access to different sensitivities that you can associate at your convenience in your home. You will thus give a unique character to your decoration by combining paintings, objects and sculptures that you have chosen. An opportunity to reveal an intimate part of your personality that will seduce your family and friends.

Going to fairs and exhibitions is an important part of Pierre Carron’s activity. We also remind you that we are always at your disposal for all the expertise and advice you need.

This is why we travel in the PACA region and in other places in France in order to be always more attentive to your needs. These expert opinions can help you make decisions on the conservation of your properties or their sale in order to develop your decoration and your heritage in the direction that is most beneficial to you.