For several generations  both our Families were established and lived in the South of France and therefore we are regularly asked by owners throughout Provence, from Marseille to the Italian border along the Coast and in the backcountry of the Var and Nice,  not only to estimate Estates but also to assess their  interiors.

Pierre Carron

Pierre, Phd of Law, at a very early age was influenced by his Grand Father’s love for Art and his  Father’s taste for travel-   Since 1984 Pierre has chosen to make a career out of his passion and therefore very actively takes part in Art and Antiques Shows and Fairs troughout France-

These Thirty five years have allowed him to acquire a much heralded and recognized expertise both for « Objets d’art » and paintings.

Philippe Migliasso

Philippe on the other hand, because of his scientific formation and  life experiences, is moved by a very outreaching drive.

He always places himself in a listening relationship and by considering each house as a self-portrait of its owner, he helps the future buyer to reinvent or create a  relationship to the new environment.

From large Estates to small provencal farmhouses, from old Nice apartments to contemporary apartments in the hills of Nice, from the old port of Marseille to the bourgeois apartments of the Corniche, we have the opportunity to meet the cosmopolitan population of our region with very different interiors.

Bound by our mutual passion for art and objects from all countries, our website will offer you the gist of our research and the best possible synthesis of our tastes.

We hope to make you travel with our selection and that you will enjoy the journey