“We wish to share with you the desire to travel on different continents by crossing periods”

Giving a new life to art objects and paintings, it’s also a part of discover that we wish to convey.

Our Curiosity mind increase our passion for the art, painting and drawing. He leads us up to cross Europe countries, North America and south east of Asia.

Also, we offer to travel together through centuries. We aspire to give you the possibilty to find that will be a intimate part of your setting.

whatever his geographical origins, the cultural object that you acquire mantain happy moments of life. By this way, or website is made for you as a search tool.

You will find paintings, bronzes, sculptures of every centuries, from antiquity to the high age, from 16st to 20st century.

Art objects that we offer are build with refined materials : bronze, silver, silver plated, porcelain, biscuit, Baccarat cristal, Saint Louis, Val Saint Lambert.

 Sculptures, figures and statues going on through differents decorative arts mouvements :

Neoclassissism, symbolismn exressionism, cubism, fauvism, pop art and contemporary art.

Based on the south of France, we can find for you regional paintings  from St Tropez, Nice, Monaco to Menton.

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